Valentin polishchuk thesis

Since its inception, the European Medical Center has assisted not only adults but also children. Over time, the number of pediatric patients greatly increased and it was decided to open a children's clinic with its own hospital and outpatient department. The Children's Clinic at the European Medical Center on Trifonovskaya Street opened its doors in April, 2013. It brought together highly qualified specialists in children's neurology, dermatology, allergy, otorhinolaryngology, endocrinology, hematology, surgery and other areas. The clinic features unique specializations, such as children's epilepsy, child psychology and psychotherapy. Today it is the only private children's medical institution with a 24-hour inpatient hospital. 

Keeping the Human in the Loop in the Digital ATM Era
Ana Ferreira
The aim of the present work is to show how multimodal solutions, artificial intelligence and human performance indexes can act as enablers to support human performance in the digital ATM future. The poster explores three different operational scenarios, including tower and en route Air Traffic Control, coming from MOTO, TACO and STRESS SJU projects. Each scenario illustrates how future operations can impact the human role and how it will be possible to keep humans at the centre of operations with dedicated enablers.

Valentin polishchuk thesis

valentin polishchuk thesis


valentin polishchuk thesisvalentin polishchuk thesisvalentin polishchuk thesisvalentin polishchuk thesis