Undergraduate dissertation acknowledgement sample

Having made the decision to pursue Mathematics just a few months before my board examinations, I started looking for schools to go to. I then came to know about Shiv Nadar University—about its excellent faculty, its unique 4-year undergraduate program, and most importantly, it’s multi-disciplinary curriculum. I am not entirely a “Math Man”. The love and respect I have for math is ingrained in me, but so is my interest in the liberal arts.

Being a student at the university, things haven’t always been sunshine and daisies, but it has never faltered on what it stands for. In my 3 years at SNU, I have immersed myself in courses offered by every School we have on campus. I mean, of course we don’t believe that at the end of our time at SNU we’ll all be polymaths, but what we do have is an insight into many disciplines and how they communicate with each other, which is important as the world, today, strives towards an amalgamation of disciplines.

SNU has given me a chance to explore several of my interests; several through student clubs, where I got the opportunity to be involved in their inception and evolution. Also, I got to explore my love for teaching as a member of the Learning & Academic Support Center established as a part of the On-Campus Job program. It gave me the freedom to pave my own path in my subject, while, at the same time, have the freedom to approach my professors for help so as to not lose my way, and this is all that I need to succeed.

As a student, I can only describe my experience here at SNU as a roller coaster, it has had its ups and downs, but overall, it has been the best ride ever.

Undergraduate dissertation acknowledgement sample

undergraduate dissertation acknowledgement sample


undergraduate dissertation acknowledgement sampleundergraduate dissertation acknowledgement sampleundergraduate dissertation acknowledgement sampleundergraduate dissertation acknowledgement sample