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I do not blame most of the people in this propaganda; students are the most responsible individuals in copying, buying or plagiarizing the dissertations than the professors. They need to think how they are ruining their career in doing so. Passing examination and getting certificate alone does not help in the research field or when they start their professional career, it will definitely hurt. I believe that writing dissertation under a supervision of a professor like Bhattchan, Dilliram Dahal, and a few others is an excellent learning opportunity. I can’t imagine Bhattchan has kind of connections in such a trivial matter as I know him when I was doing my Masters in Sociology/Anthropology. Of course, he might have sort of weakness in another aspect of his perception, but this is not something valid accusation he deserves. He has such a long clean, professional history but sometimes what I find is we mix his professional expertise with political principal particularly his stereotyped perception towards caste and ethnicity and try to blame him for everything.

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Theses on sale

theses on sale


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