Student leadership essay example

To be a good leader one also need to be open to change. This is one of the obvious factors that take place in life including areas where we work but has remained strongly resisted by mankind. However effective leadership demands that we anticipate all changes whether minor or major and respond to them promptly to allow growth to take place. On other hand however, it is also important to understand some of the attributes associated with bad leadership in life so as to avoid them completely when one is aspiring to be a leader. In order to be a leader one should avoid being a buddy boss. This character is normally exhibited when a manger make buddies instead of being a leader after failing to acquire the recognition of a leader amongst employees. Experts hold it that bosses can never be buddies with their employees; in fact their power and authority are always neutralized by friendships. Such relationships are always known to cloud the objectivity of a leader and hinder his/her ability to correct behaviours, delegate and to hold employees accountable for their responsibilities, omissions or commissions. As a person strive to climb the ladder of good leadership, it is important to avoid disorganization at workplace because such behaviour always leads to having employees without direction just like their leaders. In fact disorganized leaders don’t always guide their teams properly because they don’t deliver and manage their plans and strategies appropriately.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - My experience in the student leadership program was interesting and informative. These are two descriptive words that stand out in my mind about the whole program. There were times in the student leadership program when I questioned myself about being part of the class, but I overcame this once I reflected on the many things that we have learned. From the guest speakers to the projects, the class has always kept me thinking.

First, the program was very informative. I took in so much information over the course of the semester that I sometimes feel overwhelmed, but in a good way. From learning how to speak in public to overcoming the potential barrier of diversity, the class informed me on how to become a successful leader in today's society. The key word is successful.


Anyone can attempt to lead a group, but personal and group success is what makes a great leader. A leader must be satisfied with himself and the outcome of the group to be a successful leader.


The class was extremely interesting. Who knew that so many speakers could impact the way a person like myself thinks. The way the class was set up is interesting in itself. The half circle that we sat in enabled us to hear each other and speak without having to completely turn, but rather just move our heads. The way that each student could express his/her own opinion is another thing that is interesting. With so many ideas f...

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...ure leadership position for me. I will be heading the advertising campaign for a literacy program at Johnson Elementary School. Their plan is to use my experience and education with leadership and advertising to spread the program to hundreds of elementary schools in Kentucky. This will definitely test my leadership skills of public speaking and group cooperation. These are just two of the many leadership experiences that I have planned in my life.


I plan to attend the University of Kentucky and the the student leadership program has helped me prepare for this adventure. I believe that the future holds great leadership positions for me and I will not be afraid to express my skills to the world. Read Full Essay

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Student leadership essay example

student leadership essay example


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