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(27) A student shall not, except with the explicit permission of the unit assessor, bring into an examination room anything whatsoever which conveys or is capable of conveying information concerning or otherwise has reference to any unit, or is such that it may reasonably give rise to suspicion that it is capable of conveying information concerning or of having reference to any unit or that it was intended by the student so to do. Exception: Electronic dictionaries are not permitted under any circumstances. It is immaterial that the subject matter of the material is not one to which the examination relates. It shall be sufficient answer to any alleged breach of this Rule if the student establishes that anything brought into an examination room was brought in with the permission of the supervisor, or, forthwith upon entering the room, deposited with a supervisor or at a place designated for the deposit of such things.

Marital and Family Theoretical Foundations
Includes the historical development of systems theory . Human issues are considered from the systems paradigm, including both theoretical literature and practical treatment issues.
(3 quarter or 2 semester credits)

Marital and Family Therapy Diagnosis and Assessment, Treatment, Principles and Techniques
Includes a comprehensive curvey of the major models of system change and the principles and techniques evolving from each model. Applied aspects of therapy practice (range of techniques, indications and contraindications for techniques, intervention rationales, the role of the therapist, etc).

Relevant coursework consulting

relevant coursework consulting


relevant coursework consultingrelevant coursework consultingrelevant coursework consultingrelevant coursework consulting