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On 5 October 2008, Margaret Carter, who revealed the health condition of the Best-of-Breed Cavalier in the film, was voted out of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club (CKCSC) committee by its members in a Special General Meeting for "breach of confidentiality". The Kennel Club has expressed concerns with the decision by CKCSC. [16] In January 2009, backed by grassroots members, Carter sought reelection to the committee, but was elected without a ballot being required as she was the only nominee. She has since withdrawn her nomination and quit the breed club after the club chairman, vice-chairman and secretary announced their resignation in response to Carter's nomination. Carter told The Times : "My only interest was to improve the health of the dogs and it has never been my intention to damage the Cavalier King Charles club where I have been a loyal member for more than 30 years ... The top showing people and breeders are the ones most threatened by health testing. They either want to win in the show ring or make money and they don't want health problems talked about." Club chairman Lesley Jupp said that "Her presence on the committee was unacceptable in the circumstances. Some people would have found it very difficult to work with her". [17]

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In 2006 , another rare insightful research article on this topic focused on what motivates cat owners to feed their cats vegetarian diets. The conclusion reached was, "Vegetarian diets are fed to cats primarily for ethical considerations." In other words, cat owners do not feed their cats meat because those owners (or more likely, their veterinarians) have an emotional aversion to either killing livestock or to eating meat themselves. Perhaps this sort of personal psychological analysis would explain the absurdly irrational advice of veterinary nutritionists that corn, grains, and by-product kibble diets are better for our carnivorous dogs than real meat. *

Pug research paper

pug research paper


pug research paperpug research paperpug research paperpug research paper