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I use an emoticon here and there. Usually, it’s something done along the lines of working on a project with tight deadlines, coordinating testing with a few people. I might find an error in the code but everything else worked fine, and I need to let the developer know. The smiley emoticon sends the message, “Hey, everything looks great, thanks for what you’ve done so far, but this one thing isn’t quite working yet,” instead of “OMG this is crap! What is wrong with you?!” When deadlines are looming and everyone has a million things going on, I always want to make sure the email recipient knows that I appreciate what they’ve done, but I need a little more help, not that I’m picking apart their work.

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As an In-house Editor, you will spend your days working on a broad range of documents, including technical, scientific, and medical materials, and especially documents written by ESL speakers. You’ll have a hand in managing the day-to-day editorial responsibilities, using your skills and expertise to monitor workflow and provide support to remote staff. You will also have the opportunity to work with the marketing department in researching and developing content for the company as well as take on special projects that allow you to use your creativity and writing skills. As one of our talented in-house staffers, you’ll receive a competitive wage, comprehensive health and dental benefits, paid training, a wellness stipend, and a flexible schedule.

Proofread my essay yahoo

proofread my essay yahoo


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