Our beautiful planet earth essay

Aeration machines pull plugs out of the lawn/soil profile and deposit them on top of the lawn. This alleviates soil compaction and allows moisture, fertilizer and soil amendments to better infiltrate and mix with the soil, encouraging stronger and deeper root development. Air entering the soil helps microorganisms break down thatch, grass clippings and other organic matter into humus, which feeds the soil naturally. If combined with slit seeding, the plugs lying on the surface create a great bed for the seed as the vertical blades of the seeder slice through the plugs. Not only is this is a great way to make thin lawns thick, but it also keeps thick lawns healthy.

SEABIRD populations in Scotland are continuing to fall dramatically, according to a new report published by Scottish Natural Heritage ... Over a 25-year period, they have seen a drop of more than 50 percent ... From 1986 to 2011, the numbers of seabirds breeding in Scotland dropped by around 53 per cent, continuing a downward trend over recent years ... The worst-hit species included the Arctic skua, down 74 percent, Arctic tern, which fell by 72 percent, and the black-legged kittiwake, down by 66 percent ( Link ).

Our beautiful planet earth essay

our beautiful planet earth essay


our beautiful planet earth essayour beautiful planet earth essayour beautiful planet earth essayour beautiful planet earth essay