Intervention essay

Finally, the record of the war on Panama gives the lie to the justification that Washington has given for the acts of military aggression it has carried out for the past 16 years: the so-called “war on terror.” All of the tactics and methods employed by American militarism were already present in 1989, well before any act attributed to Islamist terrorists. Utilized then to subjugate an oppressed Central American semi-colony, they have been repeated over and over again in the drive by US imperialism to assert its global hegemony by means of war and aggression.

Sometimes we look at the way the world is and think, “This isn’t the way things are supposed to be.” Each of us wants to live in a community where families are healthy and strong. By volunteering, you help make your community a better place to live, and you become part of the solution. We all have some philanthropic bones in our bodies. Maybe you have seen a not so pleasant event happen to a friend or neighbor and have thought to yourself: “I am glad that did not happen to my family” Well, if you have ever said that, then our volunteer opportunities are perfect for you. The disease of alcoholism is one of those unpleasant experiences that millions of families in this country have to deal with. It is an ugly disease and The Diversified Intervention Group’s main focus as an organization is to provide professional therapy to those families that have been caught up in this disease of alcoholism and associated mental health disorders.

Three and a half years ago, Obama promised that military regime change was not the reason that the United States intervened in Libya, because that would have engendered tremendous opposition on Capitol Hill and among the American public. Rather, his singular military mission was centered on protecting civilians in Benghazi, which Obama told his advisors would entail airstrikes that would last "days, not weeks," according to a senior White House official. Today, President Obama’s clear omission of Nouri al-Maliki’s name as he welcomed "Prime Minister-designate" Haider al-Abadi might lead some to believe this latest .-directed political transition is a fait accompli, but Maliki retains the loyalty of well-armed security forces within Baghdad. But if Iraq’s political leadership remains murky, what is less so is that Washington has now put skin in the game in negotiating this transition government.

Intervention essay

intervention essay


intervention essayintervention essayintervention essayintervention essay