Imperialism essay conclusion

Imperialism is the total domination of the political, economical, or cultural aspects or a nation. Imperial colonization has been occurring sense the beginning of time. An imperialistic nation would increase its importance and power by winning an empire. Some takeovers were forced by political rivalries. One nation might seize a territory to prevent a competitor from expanding into that region. Some nations would expand to boost their economic value, or personal wealth. Imperialism advances a countries politics, society, and economic value into a powerful money making country.

The political aspect of imperialism progresses a country from being week into a strong fighting nation. For example, when the French were taking over parts of Africa, the communication of the two countries increased and they started to share the Suez Canal. Also when the British government set up a system of Colonial rule, it controlled over 280 million Indians. Thus encouraging officials to learn new languages. When the Spanish took over Latin America they constructed a Council of the Indies which issued over 400,00 orders to improve the cities. However without society, politics would have gotten no where.

The social aspect of imperialism was very important. First of all, by the colonization of countries scientist were able to find causes and treatments to diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. Also Britain built canals, roads, and railways which opened up India’s interior. The Spanish improved the Aztecs cities by making public waterways, paved and lighted streets, and a new invention the printing press. The society increased but when it enhanced the economics boosted also.

The economics of imperialism is a major reason why nations would take over other countries. In Africa they introduced better farming techniques like dykes and irrigation canals, which boosted the money growth. The British improved medical care that included doctor education, thus leading into a boom in the population. The Spanish exported crops and raw materials, making fortunes for the new government.

In conclusion, imperialism is a vehicle of advancement. This promotion is brought to countries that aren’t strong enough to defend them selves. In most cases the economic value of the “new country” will increase. Therefor imperialism advances a countries politics, society, and economic value into a powerful money making country.

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Thus, the near-term and perhaps middle-term future of the Middle East will likely be grim. The Sunni Islamic State will now fight Iran’s Shiite militias, just as Saddam’s Sunni Iraq fought Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s Shiite Iran in the 1980-88 Iraq-Iran War. That war, going on as long as it did, represented in part the deliberate decision of the Reagan administration not to intervene — another example of weak imperial authority, though a successful one, since it allowed Reagan to concentrate on Europe and help end the Cold War.

Imperialism essay conclusion

imperialism essay conclusion


imperialism essay conclusionimperialism essay conclusionimperialism essay conclusionimperialism essay conclusion