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One of the problems with a DX is the fact that it appears he was addicted to opiates. A valid Dx cannot be made until someone has been off of this for a while. There are several dx that could actually fit. The first one that seems like the obvious choice is OCD. His social interactions with others could negate a dx of Autism though that seems to be the flavor of the past two years in Dx manual that was just revised. And people who suffer with addictive disorders may also isolate and become paranoid. The man was obviously handsome and brilliant. A sad end.

Later Apollo flights were able to do more and move further in order to cover larger areas, particularly when the Lunar Rover vehicle became available in 1971. But in KRULWICH WONDERS, you make an important point, which I emphasized to the House Science and Technology Committee. During my testimony in May I said, "Some question why Americans should return to the Moon. "After all," they say "we have already been there." I find that mystifying. It would be as if 16th century monarchs proclaimed that "we need not go to the New World, we have already been there." Or as if President Thomas Jefferson announced in 1803 that Americans "need not go west of the Mississippi, the Lewis and Clark Expedition has already been there." Americans have visited and examined 6 locations on Luna, varying in size from a suburban lot to a small township. That leaves more than 14 million square miles yet to explore.

Famous biographers

famous biographers


famous biographersfamous biographersfamous biographersfamous biographers