Essay on climate change in hindi

Human activity is not solely responsible for climate change. It can occur due to natural causes as well. Large volumes of sulphur dioxide, ash, water vapor and dust escape into the atmosphere when a volcano erupts. Volcanoes also produce aerosols which reflect solar energy back into space. This cools the atmosphere. However, although volcanoes produce CO2 and greenhouse gases it is minor when compared to what we humans emit into the atmosphere. Changes in the Earth’s orbit and changes to the ocean’s currents are also natural causes that cause climate change.

Obviously, climate change is fueled by many sources, and is made such a “wicked problem,” as scientists , analysts and even the World Bank have termed it, by its vast complexity. There is a vast universe of contributors, from fossil fuel companies to consumers, and there’s plenty of blame to go around. The coming tragedies it will inflict don’t begin or end with the likes of Trump, Talbott, Cruz, or McElraft, but they are the ones who are ostensibly responsible for acting in the public interest while discounting the facts that would allow them to do so. The science is too clear about what will happen in the near-term to continue to allow profiteers and ideologues to place the public in danger without consequence. Climate change is killing us right now , as Emily Atkin has noted—and a relatively small pool of negligent technocrats and strivers are preventing us from taking action to waylay it.

Essay on climate change in hindi

essay on climate change in hindi


essay on climate change in hindiessay on climate change in hindiessay on climate change in hindiessay on climate change in hindi