Essay fighting corruption

Satan is the “master of deceit”. In the Garden of Eden, he tempted Eve by twisting God’s WORD. She knew the truth, yet chose to disobey it. Sadly, we see many false bible versions that only lead to confusion. I call them perVersions of God’s WORD. There are many sources available that compare the Authorized 1611 KJB (Pure Cambridge Edition PCE) along side some of the other false bible versions that show the differences. Things that are different are NOT the same. Satan is the author of confusion. Some sites that show the differences are: http:// , http:// , http:// , http:// and http:// . BEWARE of those that come as wolves in sheep’s clothing, as well as false bibles that are NOT holy.

While the Mafia controlled building construction (effectively destroying large historical districts) and vast sectors of the economy (the meat trade, for example) and developed a successful heroin trade, the pizzo (extortion through "protection money") remained a cornerstone of its system for generating revenue, day-by-day, year after year. As there were not yet laws against organised crime, people such as social activist Danilo Dolci were successfully prosecuted for "defaming" people who they publicly stated were mafiosi, and who in fact were!

Essay fighting corruption

essay fighting corruption


essay fighting corruptionessay fighting corruptionessay fighting corruptionessay fighting corruption