Essay advantage barbri review

Worse, now I’m only in the second set of lectures and they are a MESS. The outlines say one thing (., a buyer can only reject an installment under UCC if it is substantially impaired), and the accompanying lecture says *exactly the opposite*! There are typos and errors throughout the outlines. At first I thought it just looked unprofessional, but now I worry that the information contained within is wrong as well. So there are more hours lost as I try to search the entire outline and repeat and recheck the lecture and email and call BarMax (no response yet). I’m so thoroughly unimpressed, but having already sunk one week and $750 into this program, I’m stuck.

The BARBRI faculty reads like a "who's who" of top law school professors, deans and legal scholars. They are expert bar review lecturers, engaging speakers that bring the law alive. Only BARBRI has Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, one of the nation's most influential attorneys and expert on Constitutional Law. Only BARBRI has Professor Rich Freer, the nation's authority on Civil Procedure. Only BARBRI has Professor Paula Franzese, who innovated bar review lectures by introducing music mnemonics as a way to increase overall retention.

Essay advantage barbri review

essay advantage barbri review


essay advantage barbri reviewessay advantage barbri reviewessay advantage barbri reviewessay advantage barbri review