Dream interpretation essay

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In Christianity, the lamb is a symbol of spiritual sacrifice, as indicated by the Lamb of God, for example. To explore the sacrifice theme further, the dream lamb may suggest that you want to eliminate any feelings of guilt you have by starting over again in your life.  The lamb has historically been associated with Christ, and its innocence and purity represented real power for defeating evil. Ancient societies that kept herds of sheep believed the lambs born every spring were symbols of survival after a hard winter. The sacrifice of a lamb for food was therefore seen as connected to the giving of life and redemption.

Years ago, before I had my first lucid dream, I had a very specific idea about what a lucid dream would feel like. I thought it would be intense and magical and a little bit spooky. This turned out to be a pretty accurate representation. Becoming aware in the dreamstate is like entering another world. One where physical laws can be manipulated (there is no spoon, Neo) and your fantasies can come true in an instant. There's definitely something magical about that - and it's as if the lucid dream world is a living, breathing organism that can react to your very thoughts.

Dream interpretation essay

dream interpretation essay


dream interpretation essaydream interpretation essaydream interpretation essaydream interpretation essay