Dissertation for msc biotech

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Our surveyors look at financing a project, procuring construction work, financial management and the entire construction process. We want our students to have 'real world' experiences while studying at LSBU, of field work is a major component. We create these situations by inviting guest speaks in to give up-to-date lectures, having great industry links and taking our students into situations where they would like to work. Most of our surveying and construction courses give our students the opportunity to carry out a construction project. Their work will take into account current construction technologies, energy efficiency solutions and environmental and sustainability issues. The project is very detailed and is carried out across site visits, analysing on-going construction projects and an appraisal of eco-technologies. These factors can be influenced by a construction's location so our field trips can take our students both overseas to expanding countries like Dubai or round the corner to building developments happening on our own campus. 

The programme reflects the University's commitment to active education and involves you in a challenging and participative range of learning processes right from day one. Whilst each module has its own particular flavour and approach, all modules within the programme operate within a number of general principles - each will use an approach designed to support and sustain the acquisition, analysis and consideration of Business Management concepts and theories through lectures and seminars; the application of such concepts and theories to personal and organisational settings through case studies and projects; the analysis of live issues and problems using up-to-date materials from the media and research studies, and finally, to learn from the experiences of the students on the Programme itself, who will undoubtedly come from a wide range of countries and cultures.

Dissertation for msc biotech

dissertation for msc biotech


dissertation for msc biotechdissertation for msc biotechdissertation for msc biotechdissertation for msc biotech