Dissertation examples music technology

The dependent variable is simply that; a variable that is dependent on an independent variable(s). In our case, the test mark (. the dependent variable) that a student achieves is dependent on revision time and intelligence (., the independent variables). Whilst revision time and intelligence (., independent variables) may (or may not) cause a change in the test mark (., the dependent variable), the reverse is implausible. In other words, whilst the number of hours a student spends revising and the higher a student's IQ score may (or may not) change the test mark that a student achieves, a change in a student's test mark has no bearing on whether a student revises more or is more intelligent. This would not make any sense.

A dissertation determines your overall grade and can either help your academic career or break it. It requires investing time, energy, motivation and skills such as research skills in order to do a great job. However, to ensure that your dissertation is not only accepted but also wins you a great grade and high regard, you must present an original dissertation that fulfills the objectives it has indicated. It should be well-researched, coherent and a demonstration of knowledge applied in solving a real life situation effectively. To produce such a dissertation and get high marks for it, you need to know how a dissertation is evaluated so that you can tailor it for a great evaluation. While these evaluations differ among different departments or universities the criteria is pretty much the same and may include the following:

Advertising, since time in memorial, has been used in different circumstances by business to build powerful business force. In definition, as proposed by Brewster & Palmer, 2001, advertising may be referred to the purchased publicity conducted in a pre-planned way to seduce potential clients to act, think or behave as per the advertisers’ desires. According to Robert Hearth, advertisement is a tool that is most effective in persuading any potential and existing consumers to consumer certain products. According to him, companies that use advertising are amongst the most successful ones in the world (Heath 2012).

Dissertation examples music technology

dissertation examples music technology


dissertation examples music technologydissertation examples music technologydissertation examples music technologydissertation examples music technology