Dental school application essay topics

Before you can get into dental school, you must take the dental aptitude test (DAT). Like the entrance exam into other professional schools (the MCAT for medical school for instance), the DAT gives dental schools an unbiased look at how well you have learned the following topics: biology, general and organic chemistry, scientific reading comprehension, quantitative studies (Algebraic equations, fractions, conversions, percentages, exponential notation, probability and statistics, geometry, trigonometry, and applied mathematics problems), and perceptual ability (angle discrimination, form development, cubes, orthographic projections, apertures, and paper-folding). Typical science review courses will adequately prepare you for the science part of the DAT, but the perceptual ability aspect is quite difficult. If you don’t have a knack for knowing how an unfolded, irregular, eight sided object with a stripe of paint on several different sides will look when put together, I suggest you get some engineering books (as I did) and practice these skills. The reading section is also quite challenging, and you will wonder whether you should have enrolled in the Evelyn Wood speed-reading course ahead of time.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I strongly believe that when I applied to dental school in 2014, I was a very well suited applicant and was confident I’d be invited to interview and was fairly confident I’d be offered a place to study at at least one dental school. But I honestly struggled when writing my PS , it took me a long time before I was happy with my final version. And the reality is that, regardless of how strong an applicant is, the quality of their PS is a key determining factor for whether or not you are successful. So you need to strive to create a good PS and for that reason it is worth investing a fair amount of time and effort into it.

Dental school application essay topics

dental school application essay topics


dental school application essay topicsdental school application essay topicsdental school application essay topicsdental school application essay topics