Death penalty essay with citations

Another argument raised against the death penalty stems from the irreversible nature of the punishment. In this regard, Bradley (488) asserts that the death penalty is vulnerable to cases associated with wrongful executions and provides no room to review the conviction. In this regard, Bradley suggests alternative forms of punishment with equal severity such as life imprisonment without parole. These alternative forms of punishment provide reasonable grounds for the death penalty to be abolished. For instance, life imprisonment without parole is equally severe and addresses the loopholes associated with the death penalty such as wrongful convictions.

The worst horror of the criminal justice system is the execution of an innocent person. Time and time again, evidence has shown an unacceptably high risk of convicting the innocent in a criminal justice system that is so flawed. That risk becomes particularly unacceptable when execution is at stake. Between 1973 and 2015, there were 148 exonerations of innocent people from death rows in the modern system. Research suggests that the actual number of innocent people who have been sentenced to death is far higher and that one in every 25 defendants sentenced to death is likely innocent.

Death penalty essay with citations

death penalty essay with citations


death penalty essay with citationsdeath penalty essay with citationsdeath penalty essay with citationsdeath penalty essay with citations