Copd research paper

Acute exacerbations of COPD (AECOPD) are a significant contributor to mortality. For example, in the SUPPORT study 28 of 1,016 patients with AECOPD admitted to the hospital with hypercapnic respiratory failure, 89% survived the acute hospitalization, but only 51% were alive at 2 years. Patient characteristics associated with mortality at 6 months included increased severity of illness, lower body mass index, older age, poor prior functional status, lower Pa O 2 /F io 2 (inspired fraction of oxygen), and lower serum albumin. However, congestive heart failure and cor pulmonale were associated with longer survival time at 6 months, and this was attributed to the effective therapy available for the management of these conditions. The overall severity of illness on the third day of hospitalization, as measured by the APACHE III score, was the most important independent predictor of survival at 6 months. 28

Within three days of beginning this treatment— my energy and strength began to quickly return ! My skin color was no longer blue-ish. On the third day, I actually felt like working , and did for a few hours —though my wife tried to discourage me. (We had our own business.) It was incredible—as quickly as I had been degenerating before starting this treatment— I was now being restored! Each day thereafter, I was feeling better, stronger, and working longer . My family and friends were as amazed as I was!

Copd research paper

copd research paper


copd research papercopd research papercopd research papercopd research paper