Cons standardized testing essay

Because all widely used psychological test instruments in the United States were standardized in English, test results are often not accurate for people who speak another language. Even when tests are translated into native languages, problems occur with words that have multiple meanings and idioms specific to one language or culture . Once translated, the tests are no longer truly standardized. Psychological tests often use the dominant, middle-class culture as the standard . This limits their validity for children from a different economic or cultural background who may not have the same experiences or language that the test assumes as standard. It is nearly impossible to create test questions that account for the different experiences of individuals, so psychologist Raymond Lloyd Richmond reminds test administrators to use results with caution.

6. It could prevent children to prepare for a productive adult life.
Standardized testing, especially if done excessively, might teach children to be good at taking tests, but it does not prepare them for a productive adult life. A good example of this is China displacing Finland at the top of the 2009 PISA rankings because, as explained by Deputy Principal of Peking University High School Jiang Xueqin, “Chinese schools are very good at preparing their students for standardized tests. For that reason, they fail to prepare them for higher education and the knowledge economy.” Now, China is trying to depart from the drill-and-kill test preparation, which has only produced “competent mediocrity, as Chinese educators admitted.

Cons standardized testing essay

cons standardized testing essay


cons standardized testing essaycons standardized testing essaycons standardized testing essaycons standardized testing essay