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Great Depression (GD) of 1929 was definitely a precursor for World disorder as it entailed rise of fascist forces and widespread economic inequalities among Western European nations. The Great Depression caused industrial unrest in the form of low wages, poor demand and high unemployment which helped totalitarian regimes to pursue their imperialistic motives in the light of weakening of Super Powers of pre- and post World War-I times especially Britain, France, Russia etc.
The hyper-nationalism of fascist regimes stimulated new groupings, as a repeat of World War-I mistakes, in the form of axis powers which thought to redeem their prestige in the World order. The GD helped in the consolidation of anti-democratic forces in their national settings, as hapless citizens were finding it tough to bear the brunt of high prices, unemployment and low wages.
The one of devastating fallout of GD was over-protectionism which severely harmed the growth potential of war-torn nations. The strong dependence over US, post World War -I scenario, made the recovery post GD quite difficult for the participants of World War-I countries. This helped fascist regimes in going for self-dependence, causing in-house technological advancement and resource grabbing spree. This led to clash of interests among the over-zealous and over-ambitious nations (Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan etc), pushed the World towards another War.

My girlfriend’s family is always late. According to them they have never made movie on time. They are all the overly optimistic type people. The other day it was 5:45 my girlfriend had to babysit at 6:30 and we were just getting into town about 15 minutes from a restaurant my girl friends parent’s were at. She called them and had them order use a meal so we could join, she also threw in a salad to start. I am thinking “There is no way that we get there eat a salad, eat the dinner and still leave in enough time to get her to baby sitting on time.” She thought I was crazy and that if her mom put the order in right away then it would easily work. at 6:20 we got the salad and she had to leave me at dinner with her parents while she took the car to baby sit and I spent the next two hours having dinner with my fairly new girlfriend’s parents when I didn’t even want to go out to dinner. My girlfriend ended up being 20 minutes late to baby sitting. She was obviously assuming the absolute best base scenario. Mom hangs up phone gives order to waiter who is sitting their patiently waiting for our phone order. Waiter then turns and goes directly to kitchen and tells the cook. Cook immediately starts preparing our food and gets it done asap. The waiter is standing there waiting for the second the food is being plated so that he can rush it out directly to us. Absolute insanity if you ask me. What was her response? “Well sorry, you got a really nice expensive dinner for free” No, admission that she was bat s**t crazy thinking that the time would work out.

Articles lesson plannings essays

articles lesson plannings essays


articles lesson plannings essaysarticles lesson plannings essaysarticles lesson plannings essaysarticles lesson plannings essays