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Once the Department receives your LEGR application, a firearms eligibility check will be conducted to determine if you are lawfully eligible to possess firearms. DOJ will also confirm the firearm is recorded in the Department’s Automated Firearms System (AFS) as being owned by or loaned to the individual seeking its return. If you have not previously reported your firearm to the Department, you must also submit a Firearms Ownership Report (FOR) application (BOF 4542A) along with the appropriate fees to the Department. If the firearm you are seeking return is a rifle/shotgun, the prior completion of a Dealer’s Record of Sale (DROS) background check does not satisfy the aforementioned firearm reporting requirement. However, if the rifle/shotgun was registered as an assault weapon or 50 BMG rifle, the reporting requirement has been satisfied.

World Ag Expo continues to be a marketplace and a celebration of all things ag. When our exhibitors succeed, our attendees and farmers transform their operation, and consumers all over the world are positively impacted by the increased efficiency and the continuous re-evaluation of 'what we've always done'.

Ag is evolving to feed a growing world. And we're here to help facilitate...
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Tuesday & Wednesday, 9:00 . - 5:00 .
Thursday, 9:00 . - 4:00 .

The Office of Native American Affairs will develop and maintain cooperative relationships between California's Indian tribes, tribal organizations, Indian citizens and the Department of Justice (DOJ). The office will coordinate the appropriate DOJ and other intergovernmental services, programs and technical assistance for Indian communities as they address the broad spectrum of justice-related issues. The Office of Native American Affairs will advise the Attorney General on matters of important to tribal governments and Indian citizens. The office will also assist DOJ with the development of Indian-related policies, positions and programs.

Ag california

ag california


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